Senior Engineer

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We are seeking an experienced Senior Engineer for the development of a new Hack and Slash title!

As an Senior Engineer you will be part of a talented and passionate team developing a world class PvP gameplay experience, unlocking the potential of our designers and artists to create compelling and exciting features that will keep players engaged for years to come.

The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of the challenges involved with making real-time games and be prepared to excel to CTO position.


  • Work closely with the CEO to keep track of the company’s tendencies, its needs and adapt to them
  • Work with designers, artists and other engineers to give flesh to the game idea
  • Develop simple solutions to challenging problems within the performance constraints of real-time gameplay
  • Collaborate with other members of the engineering team as well as the other teams
  • Predict problems and find solutions before they occur
  • Perform research to acquire new knowledge necessary to perform assigned tasks and maintain a process of technological evolution
  • Can work alone without supervision
  • Comfortable using both classical code and visual scripting (e.g. Blueprints)
  • Can write both server and client-side code for real-time multiplayer games
  • Can work alone and in a team
  • Can handle with ease verbal and written English communication
  • Mentor other engineers on the gameplay team


  • Be at the frontline of the company’s development alongside the CEO
  • Passion for playing and making fighting video games
  • Strong gaming culture
  • Advanced¬† programming skills
  • Is competent in using multiple engines including Unreal and Unity
  • 5+ years experience in game programming
  • Strong mathematics skills
  • Advanced knowledge of game characters, including animation and physics
  • Must be comfortable working within and adding to an established code framework
  • Strong Experience with Blockchain technologies


Has played and knows well the following titles:

  • Darksiders / Devil May Cry
  • Lords of the Fallen / The Surge
  • Dark Souls / Bloodborne / Nioh
  • World of Warcraft
  • Journey / Rime / The Last Guardian
  • Has experience in leading projects

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