Hello everyone.

My name is Atanas Dzupin and I am the founder of ArtForge. I am writing this blog as an attempt to  paint you a very good mental picture of what does it mean to be a video game developer as well as an entrepreneur. The entire blog with all of its posts will be completely deprived of any corporate intentions and nothing will be sugar-coated by any marketing tricks so that it is more “trivial and suitable for the masses”. I guess, one can look upon it as the written journey I am and will be going through as the company and its project develops.

Those of you that are still reading, do not expect that I will put a fake smile and constantly be talking about “How passionate we are about developing the project.” or “How carefree and happy our team is.”. No! In this blog I will write about the crude reality of both being an entrepreneur and a video game developer and while I am at it, there will be a post here and there that is throwing some light on the game we are developing. You will get to know me personally (as much as possible) and maybe even some of the people around me.

The posts here will not be regular. The topics will not be restrained to a specific frequency of posting. In other words, I will write only when I have something to say, so there might be a big time frame between two neighbouring posts or an unexpectedly short one.

So, lets hope I will do a good job at this and you will like reading it.

Ars longa, vita brevis.

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