The Game

“Realms of Eternity” is a PvP, Hack & Slash game with collectable NFTs accessible to everyone

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Different Fighting Styles

The entire spectrum of fighting styles ranging from the easy-to-control playstyle of the popular Action, Hack and Slash RPGs all the way to the hard and punishing gameplay style of the brutal Soulslike genre.

Morphing Battlegrounds

Different Battlegrounds, different rules… different real-time environment remorphing. These are team-based, strategy fights.

NFTs-based economy

Play the game for free, earn your rewards and sell them to other players for real money… or just keep the uniqueness for yourself and be one of a kind!

About The Game

Realms of Eternity is a PvP, Hack and Slash game where you or your team fight in a close melee-weapon-ranged combat the opponent team while solving environment-based puzzles.





A lot


The in-game world has a dark, enigmatic, fantasy story that is referencing countless
people, artworks, cultures, religions, mythologies and events from the human
history. It encrypts messages that affect the entire in-game world.

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